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We Make Things Happen is a Northampton based Knowledge Transfer Community Impact Initiative focused on showcasing all aspects of Creative Industries activities including current independent/academic research in these areas while providing training, support, legal advice and work based learning opportunities to students, artists, musicians, performers and freelance professionals.



September 14th sees the very first Midlands Voice Conference, which has been established with the purpose of building the vocal community within the Midlands.

Gemma Boaden, the conference founder, is passionate about the study of voice and helping to spread the word of all the fantastic research that is currently going on in this field. Voice research is still really only in its infancy as there is so much to discover – it is an exciting time to be a vocal practitioner. For more details: 

Would you be willing to participate in a research survey by UoN PhD student Luzita Ball to help improve the environment in Northampton? Please help our research impact and the local environment by completing the survey on the research section click here




‘Doing metal, being punk, doing punk, being metal: hybridity, crossover and difference in punk and metal subcultures.’

Punk Scholars Network 5th Annual Conference and Postgraduate Symposium.
De Montfort University Leicester, December 13-14th 2018 or check under the RESEARCH/Conferences section on this site!

SQUEEZIN THA JUICE: All Over Brexit finished video now available under the research tab!

Latest: Big shout out to Bethany Munroe at the Verve Bar in Leeds tonight! Hope all goes well! Bethany has put together a short UK tour  and is really working toward her goal as a touring musician on the WMTH label.

Marking is nearly finished and we will be updating the website over the weekend with details of new collaborations and activities, so check Bethany out if you are up in Leeds or one of her other dates and site if you have time this weekend! Laterz 

Earlier: This summer we are seeking participants for a Music Production programme based in Wellingborough which aims to offer guidance, training and production facilities to young people from the Wellingborough area leading to a music release on the WMTH digital label.  Participants do not need to have previous experience but be willing to engage in the programme which may also include some exchange visits to similar projects in the UK/Ireland. If you are interested or know of someone who may be interested please contact us ASAP deadline May 25th 2018!

Earlier: We launched our new ‘Changemaker’ Digital Label this month where we put the artist at the center of our activities and they also get all the income from the work they produce. We can do this as we ask students to undertake planning, recording, mastering and promotion as part of their studies, giving them ‘Creative Industries’ experience while assisting local artists and musicians.

We have successfully released three EP’s April 2018 available online from all major outlets -1st May with more artist releases on WMTH due May-Sept 2018. We have also teamed up with local gig/event organiser Phil Moore, DJ/producer ‘Hussla D’ with access to production and recording facilities by Nathan Jacobs in Northampton.
We are currently working on a UK/Ireland tour for Beth Munroe and plan to continue these touring activities across Europe for our label artists through 2019. If you are a Creative Industries business, DJ/Producer or Musician interested in working with us send information via the contact form on our website:

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