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Transition: Identity

Eventbrite - Transition: Identity
Why do people identify the way they do? Our identity is fluid, continually negotiated, expressed, repressed and performed. Although we cannot easily change our biology, we can choose to be part of a subculture, pierce or tattoo our body, adopt a fashion, style or behaviour. Who are we really?

Transition: Magic

Eventbrite - Transition: Magic
While merely hocus pocus and wishful thinking to some, others consider magic to be the ‘Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will’. The magician uses ritual, symbol, language and art to transform their own consciousness and culture-at-large.

Transition: Gender

Eventbrite - Transition: Gender
Come and explore the idea of Gender Performativity. What does it really mean to ‘dress like a woman’? When someone tells you to ‘be a man’, what do you think of? Time to learn about and break free from the constraints of these social ideologies, and think about gender in a completely different way!