While merely hocus pocus and wishful thinking to some, others consider magic to be the ‘Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will’. The magician uses ritual, symbol, language and art to transform their own consciousness and culture-at-large.

As we are a new event night…line up may be subject to change, so please check up to date info at before attending!

Thursday 18th May

6.00pm FREE vegan food & Exhibition by Alexander Small

7.00pm Film Screening: Selected Works of Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule / Alan Moore & Joe Brown’s ‘Mandrillifesto’ (with introduction from the filmmaker Megan Lucas).

8.00pm First live artist: The Brewer’s Daughter

8.30pm Speakers’ Corner: Alan Moore

9.00pm Second live artist: Jono & The Uke Dealers

10.00pm HariKaraoke

11.00pm Transonic DJ: Laura

Transition is a new event night at The Underground, Phoenix Complex, Northampton, where we aim to bring innovative, independent and academic research, about methods of realising progressive change, to the wider community, while providing a safe, shared, creative, recreational space for everyone. The name Transition describes the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. Each of our events will have a theme around a form of transitioning, or an area in which transition is needed.

We particularly welcome the queer community, along with people who self-identify as ‘others’, in any sense, anyone with an ‘alternative’ image/sense of identity and those who simply feel they are not comfortable in a traditional, mainstream entertainment environment. But we are open to everyone who embraces openness and tolerance themselves.

The event provides:

– A safe shared space for everyone attending
– Free vegetarian and vegan food from 6-8pm
– Opportunity to socialise and network with likeminded people
– Exhibition of ‘alternative’ art, photography, installations
– Guest speakers
– Film Screening
– Live music acts
– HariKariOke – your chance to make it big or die trying ‘live’ on stage
– Transonic guest DJ’s to end the evening

The event will be recorded and streamed ‘live’ via our website and, therefore, you will be agreeing to participate in the event as a member of the audience. Not only will these events be great fun, and a catalyst for bringing about real-word positive change, you will also be giving media production and popular music students at the University of Northampton an opportunity to gain ‘live’ production skills and experience to enhance their future employability prospects.

Places are limited and a small ticket price for audience members will help cover the costs of the event (concessionary rates will be available). The ticket costs will cover, food, music licensing, streaming costs, security staff, equipment hire and transport but otherwise everyone involved will be volunteering!