Triptych of Transformation

Wallace, R. (2017) A Triptych of transformation. [Mirror/Print]. Northampton: Monad Journal.

Paint on Mirror by Roy Wallace

These works were produced as part of a twelve piece series around ‘The Politics of Transformation’. In this work, ‘A Triptych of Transformation’ I have selected three images which embody the personal transformation as a reflective document on a particular historical period and how I explored the act of expanded ‘documentation’ through auto-psychotherapy in relation to Lacan’s Mirror stages as a critique of both.

Date:22 September 2017
Date Type:Acceptance
Journal or Publication Title:Monad Journal of Transformative Practice
Series Name:One
Event Title:Monad Journal of Transformative Practice
Event Dates:Thursday 9th November 2017
Place of Publication:Northampton
Event Location:University of Northampton
Event Type:Conference
ISSN:ISSN: 2515-6217
Media of Output:Mirror/Print
The exhibitors name:McLaughlin, Cavan, Wallace, Roy, Godfrey, Steve and Degard, Dee
Number of Pieces:12