Without End

Wallace, R: Without End Symposium Video Essay Presentation, University of Northampton 2018

Video Essay by Roy Wallace

This research project explores key concepts in documentary production using a practice-based approach that informs a critical analysis of three DIY underground punk scenes in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and Belgium.

The research aims, and objectives help critically understand areas of under-represented academic research in the fields of both documentary and subcultural studies. The research materials are an important contribution to the body of emerging scholarly work and global networks which are working to document the history and activities of various global punk scenes which has a cultural significance given the post millennial interest around punk that the research acknowledges

The implications of my research for critical thinking around documentary focus on supporting a potential shift from the traditional distanced reflective analysis of documentary text toward a more unified ‘autocritical’ reflexive awareness of theory/practice relationships and documentary production. The limitation to generalisation suggests that, the research findings and conclusion is focused on the DIY punk scene and DIY approached to documentary production. While some of the observations and arguments are transferable there exist recognised limitations in the research to broader definitions of punk, subculture and documentary production.

The research has revealed radical changes in the technical, organisational, and conventions of documentary production. It has also highlighted key changes in areas of accessibility and affordability regarding the practical means of documentary production. The research also indicates the recent emergence of ‘embedded critical thinking’ as central to new forms of academic documentary practice identifying a proliferation of archive materials around punk subcultures which previously did not publicly exist and mainly through use of online social media distribution/networking via various platforms.

Finally, the the work offers a critique of the philosophy of punk due to the emergence of an anti-capitalist protest as ‘post millennial chic’ around punk in mainstream global cultures.